06.07-1969 Reykjavik

30.06.1969 - 03.08.1969 Maiden Cruise To Europe (North Cape-Cruise)

(34 Tage. Kapitän war Helmut Bender)



TS »Hamburg«













Chefs Suggestion

Stuffed Egg Russian Style

Cream  of Chicken Soup with  Almond Milk

Pan Fried Fillet of Perch Pike with Bacon

and Sliced Tomatoes, Potato Salad

Tournedos on Skewers with Mush: ooms

Madeira Sauce, Sweet Peas, French Fried Potatoes

Ice Cup "Maharadja"



Specialty from the Swedisb Küchen


Pytt i Panna

Red Beets

(Small Fried Cubes of Veal, Boiled Ham, Corned Brisket of Beef,

 Onions and Potatoes with Fried Egg)



Dielary Menü

Grapefruit  with Orange Sherbet

Consommü in Cup
Chipped Beef Swiss Style
Mashed Potatoes
Pears Cardinal     



Special dishes for diets. See the Maitre d'hotel



See the Wine List for selection of wines and

other table beverages





Sunday, July 6th, 1969



Cocktails Chilled Cantaloup Melon Pineapple Juice Tomato Juice
Hors-d'Oeuvres Tomato with Italian Meat Salad, Pickled Herring Slices, Siuffed Egg Russian Style, Smoked Sturgeon, Tunny in Oil, Green and Ripe Olives,  Sweet Pickles, Rollmops Chow Chow
Soups Cream of Chicken Soup with Almond Milk Beef Broih with Star Noodles Jellied Consomme in Cup
Fish Pan Fried Fillet of Perch Pike with Bacon and Sliced Tomatoes Potato Salad
Farinaceous Makkaroni with Ham au gratin
Entree Fried Sweet Bread of Veal on Risotto Piemontaise Chipped Beef Swiss Style
Special Today Roast Leg of Pork, Savoy Cabbage, Macaire Potatoes Spring Chicken Mexican Style
Front tbe Grill (15 Minutes) Tournedos on Skewers with Mushrooms, Madeira Sauce
Vegetables Buttered Savoy Cabbage Fried Egg Plant      Succotash Sweet Peas     Risotto
Potatoes Boiled      Mashed      Baked      Macaire      French Fried
Cola Büffet Truffled Straßburg Goose Liver en Croüte, Cumberland Sauce Corned Brisket of Beef, Creamed Horseradish Westphalian Smoked Ham      Boiled Ham Roast Chicken with Mango Chutney Dietary Dish with Sour Cream and Honey
Salads Lettuce      Romain      Asparagus      Cucumber
Dressings Fines Herbes     French      Yogurt     Lorenzo
Dessert Malakoff Pudding      Beignets Soufle, Vanilla Sauce Pears Cardinal      Compote of Cherry      Green Gages
Ice Cream Ice Cup "Maharadja" Cassata Ice      Butter Nut Ice Cream      Currant Sherbet Wafers      Assorted Biscuit
Cheese Assorted Cheese
Pumpernickel      Crackers      Pretzelettes      Red Radishes
Fresh Fruit Basket
Beverages Coffee     Sanka     Nescafe     Milk  Orange Pekoe Tea      Camomile Tea      Lime Blossom Tea


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